Friday, August 28, 2009

You'll never believe how much fun we had the last couple of days. Not only did we continue to make progress with the refurbishment of The National Hotel, we also had a fabulous evening planning out our wine menu, tasting some absolutely divine and reasonably priced selections, chatting with new friends, and just simply enjoying the building--its beauty, its history, its rebirth.

When we talk about this venture in our lives, Pete and I feel blessed that our two daughters will grow up among the wonderful people of Frenchtown, learn what it means to be in the service industry, develop integrity using their parents' dedication and commitment as a living model of outstanding work ethics, and value tradition seeing the love their parents are putting into this grand old building.

Our daughters have become incredibly entrepreneurial...they cooked, set-up and manned the food tent at Freedom Farm's annual dressage show this past July. This photo shows them clowning around & trying to entertain some of the participants. It was a great day and they (ages 9 and 11 then) worked hard to help their family with this show.

Now, The National Hotel is allowing us to truly experience an exciting once-in-a-lifetime journey with our daughters, our family, and our friends.

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