Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! It's a Season Filled with Gratefulness

Our fifth anniversary came upon us faster than we could have imagined. It really is unbelievable that on November 3rd, 2009, we re-opened the doors to The National Hotel, and our very first patron, Henry, entered through The Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a. The Rat) entrance. He ran across the street to vote and to share the news with others. And then more of you came in, making it an incredible opening night, filled with stories about the town, about The Rat, and about The National Hotel itself.

And on November 3rd, 2014, we celebrated together, by announcing that The Rat would now be open every single Monday, 5 p.m. to midnight! Our local patrons soon started to drop by and, between the wood burning fireplace that adds warmth to the room while providing a comfortable vibe, the sports programs on the TVs, and the new Monday Happy Hour (5 pm - 7 pm) with 1/2-priced drinks, we just couldn't be happier seeing how many of you are able to carve out a little time to join us. Grateful.

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting the Creek Snakes band once again as they helped everyone unwind and have a little time "off" before today's big day. The music was wonderful, but more importantly, we are so grateful that you made the time to come by, to share with your friends, and to enjoy a night in our little gem of a town.  Thank you!

Today is a special day for us, because we are able to be home as a family and also know that our staff will be able to do the same. They are so dedicated to The National Hotel and have such an incredible drive to be the very best, that we know they'll be back on Friday ready to help cater to our patrons' every need. And your feedback about how well they took care of you, from serving you dinner to helping you make sure your overnight stay is memorable, makes all the difference to us. Yet another reason to be thankful.

A lot has happened this year at The National Hotel, from launching new programs (like our weekly Wednesday Karaoke Night), to our mid-week special ($25 FORKS & CORKS WEDNESDAYS: 1 lb.-100% grass-fed-Porterhouse steak w/mashed potatoes and vegetable &/or 50% off a bottle of wine of YOUR choice!) to continuing to renew our commitment to support local and sustainable farmers, to upgrading some furniture (new chairs in our private dining room; brand new flat screen TVs in each of our 10 guest suites), and more. This is in addition to all of the other special programs that have become weekly and bi-weekly traditions in Frenchtown (e.g., Thursday Open Mic Night, Tuesday Trivia, Saturday Night Live Music Series, and Sunday Musical Afternoons). None of it would be possible without the continued support of patrons like you. Again, grateful.
Thank you to Terry Earhart for sending us this historic photo of The National Hotel and Frenchtown
Love is in the details, and at The National Hotel, it is reciprocated daily, because we know how much you love this wonderful, historic building. Pete and I will continue to do everything possible to honor the trust you have placed in our abilities to take good care of it. 

We send you our warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving. May it be filled with joyous moments and the opportunity to share a day with friends and family. Pete and I thank you for all you do to help us stay the course, better ourselves and improve every day. Do continue to email us or post a comment here if you like. Thank you for your continued patronage and support. Happy Thanksgiving once again!

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