Monday, August 10, 2009

Check this out:

There'll be another article in tomorrow's paper. Loving life! Frenchtown is fantastic and this opportunity is fulfilling our family's dreams in many ways. Pete is there daily, putting in a lot of sweat equity, getting ready for the launch.

We've already made a lot of progress! Aren't the rooms looking good already?


  1. hello, I am a resident of Frenchtown and am on an 8 week cross country trip, I read the news of your opening the hotel and I am so happy. I moved to town a month after it was closed and was bumbed. I love the town and your opening the hotel will bring frenctown back to what it should be. Im a teacher but if you need a bartender for some shifts downstairs, let me know, I will be back in town at the end of august. check out my site, Cheers!

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for your comment. You are yet another reason why we are so happy to be entering into this exciting venture! The Frenchtown community has welcomed us with open arms & reading your words of encouragement & enthusiasm just pushes us to do more. Love the photos on your blog, btw.