Saturday, May 31, 2014


We definitely received a gift:  An incredibly beautiful spring day!!  I love the way the sun shines over The National Hotel as you come down the hill from Route 12; it never ceases to take my breath away.  Having our front porch open and filled with smiling faces from satisfied customers just absolutely completes this picture!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a picture-perfect spring day & we couldn't be happier!  We have a special musical group lined up to entertain our dining guests, 5-7 p.m. in our main Restaurant and Bar:  El Bandito.  They will surely create a special way to close out this gorgeous weekend that will have you "chomping at the bit" for next weekend's line-up that will soon be posted on our website...pun intended, given that it'll be the Belmont Stakes and even if you don't follow the races, this will be yet another reason to get together Saturday afternoon and share our lives together.  Make sure to mark your calendars for June 7th and cheer on your fave, even if it's not California Chrome!  The 3rd and final leg of the Triple Crown is, after all, "the test of the champion."  Can you say, "exciting?!"

And another reason to say thank you, is the recent award we received from TripAdvisor that absolutely floored us, because we know we OWE IT TO YOU!!!  Thank you for your feedback and for continuing to support us and share your experiences with TripAdvisor, Yelp, facebook, and other online forums.

It's also unbelievable how quickly May is winding down! Maybe it's because of all of the activities in our area, from the local schools' proms, graduations, teacher-talent nights, and plays, to the area's myriad activities, ranging from cycle clubs touring our area's local roads to new initiatives that keep tourists and locals in town.

From next weekend's Farmer's Market opening in Frenchtown on June 2nd running through October 27th (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.), to our very own NEW Wednesday Karaoke Night that launched last month, featuring DJ Papa Gs repertoire of hundreds of songs (with on-screen lyrics), this little corner of the world has an invitation card all crafted & carved with your name engraved!!

But let's not forget about Father's Day too...The National Hotel has an entire weekend menu planned for that special day (that we'll post next week) so that YOU can decide when you'd like to celebrate:  Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!!  Make the special man you are honoring truly feel special as you choose the special day, time, and activity.  Call us at 908.996.3200 or click here to make your reservation, be it lunch or dinner, or even an overnight stay with special add-ons to make it an unforgettable Father's Day experience.

How about giving that special person a gift that will make him think of you and thank you EVERY SINGLE MONTH OF THE YEAR?!  Why not give him a membership gift to our monthly National Wine Club?  And if you'd prefer something a little different, why not just give him a Gift Certificate that will allow him to choose the many options available?  Call us at 908.996.3200 or email us to talk to our knowledgeable staff.

With everything we've just mentioned, I don't want to forget about the many other options that The National Hotel offers our patrons:

All of this is complemented by Frenchtown's list of upcoming activities, from the Farmer's Market in June to Bastille Day in July.  Even beyond the planned activities, our area offers a ton of options, from kayaking to tubing to bicycling and hiking--not to mention shopping, spa treatments, yoga sessions, pilates training, etc.  As we clear away the winter blues and see the extended hours allowing us to spend more time outdoors, Frenchtown comes alive! 

Thank you for all that you continue to do to make Frenchtown your chosen destination.  Whether you are a local resident or someone who enjoys visiting our area, make sure to visit our website for updates on things to do while you plan your time in Frenchtown.  It will be our pleasure to serve you and to make your stay with us memorable and something that you will long treasure.

Pete and I hope to see you in Frenchtown and at The National Hotel in the near future.  Please do email me with any feedback or questions, or leave a comment on this blog.  You can also reach us at 908.996.3200, or fill out our guest inquiry page on our website.  Stay up-to-date with all of the activities and programs we have planned for this special season:

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Thank you again.