Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We were approached by Suki Dewey, representing Frenchtown's Riverfest. We will proudly exhibit the festival's banner on our porch, for all who enter Frenchtown to see as they come to a stop at the intersection in front of our doors. After a few days being displayed here, the banner will move upriver to Milford, to generate interest there too.

With Riverfest approaching, it feels good to finally get some traction with our website. We uploaded some absolutely beautiful photos of the rooms. Pete and I decided to re-introduce The National Hotel to the travel and leisure industry, by being sensitive to the economic downturn, and pricing the rooms and suites within everyone's reach.

"Staycation" NO MORE. We want people to feel the warmth of Frenchtown and come out and visit us and our fellow Frenchtown business neighbors.

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