Sunday, March 2, 2014


February came and went leaving us all craving a little bit of spring.  Today, we were given a little respite from the cold temperatures of the last week of February, only to be reminded that winter is not yet over; there's a storm heading our way.  Hopefully, we'll be spared the magnitude originally predicted.  All I hear at The National Hotel from our patrons, is that they are "DONE" with winter; the shoveling; the ice; the treacherous driving conditions.  We have to agree.  It's time for a little bit of spring.  However, I also remind myself that one of the reasons we live in the northeast of the US, is precisely because we love experiencing each one of the four seasons.  There is an absolute beauty to winter that is just breathtaking.


And let's not forget that this area produced two Olympians who recently competed in the Sochi Winter Olympics:  Kyle Carr and Chris Creveling.  Creveling was part of silver medal team in short track.  How proud they must be; how proud this little town is of them, as they both frequented the Frenchtown Roller Rink and participated in speed skating competitions.  Amazing!

Today, as we welcomed our lunch guests to our Restaurant & Bar, I saw just how grateful they were for the warm winter drinks--Mulled Wine!!--and the hot dishes from our Additions to the Menu and our main menu that came out of the kitchen.  It is such a privilege to be able to welcome new friends and old friends to The National Hotel, to provide them with a little escape from the daily grind, from house chores, from "routine."  And, to be located in such a beautiful little gem of a town with all that it offers its residents and visitors alike, is like winning the lottery.  There are many small towns all over the country, but there is something uniquely intimate and welcoming about Frenchtown, NJ.  It's a place where you can enjoy a day of shopping--or, a day outdoors walking or cycling right next to the Delaware River, or hiking nearby on the 300+-acre preserved Horseshoe Bend Park.  In other words, there's a little bit of heaven right here, fulfilling everyone's desires.

We're featuring David Turner this afternoon, 5 - 7 p.m., part of our Sunday Musical Afternoon Series.  There's always something special happening at The National Hotel--and that's probably why we've been nicknamed the area's "Late Night Destination."  Between our Bi-Weekly Tuesday Trivia Night, our Weekly Thursday Open Mic Night, our Saturday Night Live Music Series, and of course, our Sunday program, there's always something to do in town.

Have you had a chance to stop in pick up a book from our town's favorite book shop, The Book Garden?  They offer writing classes, meet-the-author events, etc.  And it's housed in a beautifully maintained building just a few blocks from The National Hotel.

What about Designs for Tranquility, with its lovely paintings, water fountains, jewelry, and small accessories?  Owner, Jill Paul, and her husband, Russ Hoge, go out of their way to select items that are meaningful, unique, and handmade.  I've always loved entering their lovely shop and chatting with them; they are so passionate about the beautiful items they carry.

And like these two shops, there are many others in town that will surely brighten a somewhat bleak day, fill you with ideas, and encourage you to come back.  That's the underlying lovely principle that you'll find everywhere you go in Frenchtown:  People here want you to visit, want you to linger, want you to stay!

So if the Frenchtown "bug" has bitten you and you want to make this a place you'll visit more often, give us a call (908.996.3200) and make it an overnight stay.  Our knowledgeable concierge will help you select the guest suite that best fits your needs, as well as help you make the most of your stay, including just how to add special packages like yoga sessions, pilates, etc.  As a small establishment in a small town, we know how important YOU are, and we will do everything possible to make your stay with us a memorable experience that will make you want to return to Frenchtown.

Pete and I hope to see you in Frenchtown and at The National Hotel in the near future.  Please do email me with any feedback or questions, or leave a comment on this blog.  You can also reach us at 908.996.3200, or fill out our guest inquiry page on our website.  Stay up-to-date with all of the activities and programs we have planned for this special season:

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Thank you again.