Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Fun Starting Today including a Paranormal Night on Thursday and an Annual Halloween Party Next Saturday

Have you ever felt like time literally slips through your fingers? How one day becomes one week, and suddenly you are playing catch-up with things? Well, that's the only down-side to life these days, because the flip-side is that life truly is amazing in Frenchtown! There's just so much to do, so many ways to feel connected to the community and be a part of the amazing "fast-casual" and yet, excitingly chic life of our little hidden gem, that sometimes my writing just takes a backseat. Or at least, the writing that I'm willing to post...

So after a long and beautiful summer, the leaves are finally transforming into a museum-quality painting with their beautiful autumn colors. Did you know that when the Hudson River School masters first showed their 19th century landscape paintings in Englad, people there thought the paintings were fake? The colors of the leaves in the UK during the fall foliage season do not turn the myriad colors we see from bright orange and red to even purple. Interestingly, CBS Sunday Morning featured a story about this less than a week ago:
As beautiful as the Hudson River area is, I truly see beauty that is unparalleled right here, right in our own backyard by just taking a stroll to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park (a.k.a. the tow path) that runs parallel to the Delaware River. Some of the photos that have been posted on facebook that are just minutes from Frenchtown are incredible! There are hiking trails, picnic spots, camping sites, and all are open to everyone. What an amazing place to live!
Photo courtesy of Gaetano DeSapio
On a selfish note, we at The National Hotel, have a lot happening this week. From live music featuring Chris Bauer tomorrow from 5-7 pm in our Restaurant and Bar, to the launch of our new fall menu on Tuesday--and to a special homage to our National Wine Club members, by opening up a special selection of our wines to everyone for ONE WEEK ONLY, all at 50% off!!--to a special on-site internet broadcast on Thursday, October 29th (8-10 pm) by Unknown Origins Radio,
where everyone is welcome & invited to come in and share their paranormal experiences, memories, and stories, followed by our Halloween-themed Open Mic Night in The Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a. The Rat), to, of course, our annual Halloween Celebration featuring one of our faves, Rainbow Fresh on Saturday, October 31st! Join us for special drinks and fun starting at 4 pm, with music starting at 9 pm. Prizes for best costumes will be awarded towards the end of the night. These is a Frenchtown tradition now, so make sure to mark your calendars!!

And beyond activities at The National Hotel, Frenchtown itself has tons of activities from a Zombie Crawl in town that kicks off later today, to special events like:

  • The Book Garden’s World Explorers Kids Club that welcomes Laurie Wallmark, author of Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine on October 25th. 
  • Even our local High School (DVRHS) has a special event, when Emmy-winning CNN correspondent and writer, Tom Foreman, makes a special appearance on Tuesday, October 27th, on his run (yes, on foot) from Maryland to NYC to participate in the NYC Marathon in early November. The event is co-sponsored by The Book Garden and the Delaware Valley Education Foundation (DVEF). Ticket admission includes a signed copy of his book and benefits our local HS kids.
  • The events culminate on Friday, October 30th in a Halloween Parade sponsored by the American Legion awarding prizes for best costumes and providing snacks and refreshments!

This is absolute proof-positive that Frenchtown is the center of the my mind...because we are so accessible from Philly, from Princeton, from NYC, and elsewhere. Just take a look at the reviews from our overnight guests who continue to return, year after year. There's truly something special about Frenchtown. And for those guests, boy do we have special activities planned too...

And of course, thank you to so many of you who continue to join us every week for our weekly activities, including:
  • Open Mic Night every Thursday
  • Karaoke every Wednesday
  • Trivia Night every other Tuesday
  • Saturday Night Live Music in The Rat
We're incredibly grateful also to those of you who have stopped by on Monday nights now that The Rat is open from 5 pm - midnight (drinks only). It's great to have a little time to catch up with friends in a low-stress atmosphere that allows everyone to decompress after the 1st day of the work week has begun: Monday Madness at its best! (And Happy Hour from 5 - 7 pm doesn't hurt either!!)

Please continue to send us your comments via email or on this blog. We look forward to seeing you soon at The National Hotel. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

'Paris a la Frenchtown' and More During the Month of July!

Photo courtesy of Paul and Jane
June came and went--not a minute to put pen to paper. Even now, as I look back at the incredible pace of last month, I am in awe of our General Manager, Marlon Aranha. He is so loved by our friends in the community; they see his integrity, his honesty, and his immense capacity to make everyone feel welcome at The National Hotel. Whether it's busy at our Restaurant and Bar, or multiple guests arrive to check-in for their overnight stay--all at the same time--Marlon always manages to make sure everyone is well attended. His warm smile and graciousness know no end. As we approach our 6th anniversary of being a part of this historic establishment, we feel blessed beyond words to have been able to enlist Marlon's help from day one and to continue to rely on him to ensure our patrons return time and again.

Photo courtesy of
With Bastille Day (a.k.a. Paris a la Frenchtown) taking place today, Marlon will surely be busy--but it's what he likes. That's when you know you're in the right profession, when you are truly passionate about what you do. When I spoke to Marlon last night, we talked about how lucky we are that the weather reports are saying that it'll be a beautiful day for our visitors and Frenchtown residents alike to walk around town and soak in the town's festivities. Those who stay late will be able to enjoy a "movie under the stars" or can come to The National Hotel to listen to Jeremy, who will perform live in The Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a. The Rat) from 9 - 11 pm tonight. Truly, today is going to be a magnificent day!

We'll be ready to welcome our overnight guests who will be checking in this afternoon too, as well as our Restaurant and Bar patrons, who will be treated to our weekend Additions to the Menu, specially created using the freshest seasonal ingredients:
Casa Brava Rum, Muddled Basil & Strawberries, Agave Nectar $9
Mixed Varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes, Spring Mix, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Burrata Cheese, Basil Sorbet  $13

Malpeque Oysters, Prince Edward Island, Canada – Medium Brine, Light Bodied, Clean finish
Day Boat Blue Point, Long Island – 2” -3” cup, High Salinity, Classic finish
$2.5 each, 6/$13, 12/$25
Slow Roasted Top Round, Thinly Sliced, Horseradish Crème, Served on long roll & Side of Au Jus, Signature House Cut Fries $13

Pan Seared Monk Fish, Served over a Beluga Lentil & Roasted Vegetable Salad (served Cold), Hoison Glaze $20
Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Sautéed Broccolini, Purple Sticky Rice, Pear Demi-Glaze $18
Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Sweet Green Peas, Wild Mushroom Crème Sauce $18

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake


Not only will you enjoy these dishes, but if you return to Frenchtown tomorrow, you'll be treated to a return live music performance by Waterfront:Blue, 5 - 7 pm in our main Restaurant and Bar.

And of course, thank you to so many of you who continue to join us every week for our weekly activities, including:

  • Open Mic Night every Thursday
  • Karaoke every Wednesday
  • Trivia Night every other Tuesday
  • Saturday Night Live Music in The Rat
We're incredibly grateful also to those of you who have stopped by on Monday nights now that The Rat is open from 5 pm - midnight (drinks only). It's great to have a little time to catch up with friends in a low-stress atmosphere that allows everyone to decompress after the 1st day of the work week has begun: Monday Madness at its best! (And Happy Hour from 5 - 7 pm doesn't hurt either!!)

Please continue to send us your comments via email or on this blog. We look forward to seeing you soon at The National Hotel. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Honoring and Remembering This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us and as we fire up those grills or hop in our cars to visit friends and family, Pete and I also want to let you know that The National Hotel will be closed on Monday, May 25th, in honor of all our men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom. We hope that you will enjoy the long weekend and join us as we take a moment to pay tribute to so many who have died in service to their country.

Our little town has an annual celebration in honor of these men and women, with a parade starting at 10 a.m. Each year, the streets fill with people waving flags, cheering on the veterans marching down the road, and enjoying a parade filled with nostalgia. The end is as meaningful as the beginning, with a low-flying plane dropping flowers above the Frenchtown cemetery.

As we collect our thoughts on the importance of carving time to pay homage to these fallen veterans, Pete and I thought it best to close The Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a. The Rat) this Monday, and we hope you'll understand. We'll reopen for Monday Madness the following week and we hope to see you then. We thank you for your understanding.

May has just been an incredible month of communal cooperation. From patrons stopping by to make
donations for our Nepal Earthquake Relief fundraiser, to even the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association (FBPA) donating to this cause. I'm happy to report that the funds were sent to Nepal, and that the National Hotel matched the gifts collected with its own contribution. I can only thank the two individuals, Lulu Rana-Gupta and Neeru Khadka, who were the genesis for this small grassroots fundraiser, because Neeru is on the ground in Nepal doing all she can to organize, distribute aid, and impact change. Concurrently, our other dear and long-time friend, Lulu, is based locally in NJ and is doing all she can to encourage and motivate friends and businesses to also raise money to send to Nepal and help those in need. And best of all, every single dollar contributed was sent overseas.

This tragedy brought me right back to the 2010 8.8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Chile. The human suffering was immense, My cousin, Rolando Ara, and his wife, Fran made their way south to the devastated areas, and together, a doctor and a psychologist, respectively, they raised funds, and distributed aid and first-hand assistance, making a difference in a very personal and significant way. And what about right here, locally? 

How about all the good work that the Frenchtown Angels, including Dawn from Country Chic, Frenchtown Police Chief, Al Kurilka, Officer Paul Murphy from our Frenchtown Police Department, and so many other volunteers, did after SuperStorm Sandy left absolute devastation south of us? Even we at The National Hotel tried to help with those efforts, as well as blocking off some rooms so that our community members whose homes were affected and had no water, could use our facilities and have hot showers. There are countless tales of selfless souls in our area who took in neighbors who lost power and who provided car trips to school for children who had no access to school bus transport with roads blocked or homes damaged during that difficult time. Our vibrant community showed that we care about that single solitary individual and we will do what we can to help him/her, even through personal sacrifice.

It is an honor to live in this community, to be a part of the fabric of Frenchtown, and Pete and I are always grateful that we have been embraced and included. There really is no better place in which to live!

On June 8th, Frenchtown is also holding a blood drive and we hope to see you there. On our end, we have our weekly Saturday Night Live Music series tomorrow, featuring Marc McManus, and Alan Wilcockson on Sunday, May 24th, part of our Sunday Musical Afternoon series. We hope you'll join us this weekend for our weekend Additions to the Menu, some music, and some much deserved pampering by our staff. It's going to be a great weekend together!! Don't forget about the rest of the week's programming, including our weekly Wednesday Karaoke Night, Thursday Open Mic Night, and more!

Please continue to send us your comments via email or on this blog. We look forward to seeing you soon at The National Hotel. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Special Easter Brunch Planned and Huge Milestones this Year

April is promising to be an exciting month already, following on the heels of March, that has been quite a month in and of itself. Between Frenchtown's FIRST Restaurant Week, to the re-opening of our Monday Madness nights in The Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a., The Rat), to working diligently on creating our spring menu that will go live this coming month, to planning for what is sure to be an incredible rest of 2015. Here's are 3 huge milestones for The National Hotel:

  • We will celebrate the 165th anniversary of The National Hotel since it broke ground in 1850 to establish the beautiful and gracious edifice we see today.
  • We are celebrating the 125th night of Bi-Weekly Tuesday Trivia, thanks to the unstoppable creativity and ingenuity of its founder, Russ Coen, and our General Manager, Marlon Aranha.
  • We look forward to the 250th night of Open Mic Night on April 9th! FIVE YEARS!!! And that is thanks to the many wonderful musicians and artists who take the microphone week after week, as well as to this special night's hosts--and in particular, to the night's creator, whose vision to create a legacy of music at The National Hotel has stood the test of time: Mr. Alex Wolfson.
As you can see, this year is a celebratory year, and YOUR voices have also been heard through social media, resonating state-wide and area-wide. From being nominated and making it to the very final cut of best NJ bars, to making it into Edible Philly's travel section along with other Frenchtown establishments, to continuing social media competitions (where we are pleased to report we won in the Food and Drinks category of Hunterdon's The Happening List, as having the area's best signature fresh-cut fries!!). And we know there will be many other opportunities for your opinions to be heard and for your love of this grand old establishment to spread to far-away places. We saw that in several recent TripAdvisor reviews, and the generous words used to describe our staff's attention to detail helped us forget about the frigid temperatures outside from sheer happiness and pride. Why not experience this yourself with an overnight stay with us now that spring is finally here? We have terrific special packages and rates that will make this get-away truly wonderful. Please all our knowledgeable concierge for more information:  908.996.3200.

Last night's re-launch of our Monday Madness after too long of a winter, proved to have been worth the wait. Friends turned up for Happy Hour (5 p.m. - 7 p.m.), and enjoyed the warmth of the area's "late night destination." Being open on a Monday exclusively to serve our bar patrons creates its own vibe, and we are excited to be able to add this to our weekly schedule.

This first weekend in April will also allow us to showcase another FIRST for us:  BRUNCH!! We've created an Easter Brunch menu that is sure to please, filled with favorites and uniquely crafted dishes that will include a glass of champagne, as well as coffee or tea. All for just $20 per person!!!! Please make sure to call us at 908.996.3200, because reservations are filling up quickly. Brunch will be served 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

In addition to our Easter menu, we will also continue to feature our weekend Additions to the Menu (Thursday - Sunday) that takes advantage of the beautiful area where we live, sourcing the freshest ingredients to bring succulent dishes to the table. These special menus will be posted on our website by Thursday evening, April 2nd. Do make plans to join us.

We're also excited about our new wine list, where we'll feature some of the best wines available at prices that are sure to please. You'll notice some terrific new wines in our White Wine section of our menu that will complement the new spring and summer dishes on our menu. We hope you too will agree.

The same goes for our National Wine Club. This just keeps growing and growing and we're so pleased, because we have the ability to create a more robust member night that will surely be in demand in the future. If you're curious about the benefits and/or interested in joining (just $10/month), please take a look at our webpage for information and fill out our inquiry form. Pete and I will be happy to send you information (or create this membership as an exclusive gift certificate for someone special). You can always call us at 908.996.3200 with any questions too.

Moreover, now that April is knocking on our door, it's wonderful to reflect and remember why we do what we do. Not a day passes that Pete and I (together with our incredibly dedicated staff) don't discuss this or that about The National Hotel, our patrons, upcoming opportunities, ideas for future projects, etc. It's also been such a labor of love to continue to meet with local farmers and merchants, who are eager to create that "farm to table" experience through collaboration and cooperation. Our Executive Chef, Geoffrey Thomas, makes this a priority, especially as he crafts new menu ideas alongside Pete, whose vision for each new menu selection is always inspired.

We owe much of the direction we take to you. Your feedback, your patronage, and your support continue to boost our spirits and propel us forward. Thank you for everything you do.

Please remember to check our facebook updates so you can mark your calendars for our weekly and bi-weekly events, including:

  • Bi-Weekly Tuesday Trivia (8-10 p.m.);
  • Weekly Wednesday Happy Hour (4-7 p.m.): Ladies' 1/2 off drinks;
  • Weekly Wednesday Karaoke Night (8 p.m. - midnight);
  • Weekly Thursday Open Mic Night (9 p.m. - closing);
  • Weekly Saturday Night Live Music series (9 - 11 p.m.);
  • Weekly Sunday Musical Afternoon series (5 - 7 p.m.);
  • and now, weekly Monday Madness in The Rat (Happy Hour 5 - 7 p.m.; bar closes at midnight)
There's always something special happening at The National Hotel, thanks to your patronage. Please also join us for our weekly Wednesday Forks and Corks dinner, where for $25 pp, you'll savor a 1 lb. 100% grass-fed Porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes and vegetable and/or 50% off a bottle of wine of YOUR choice. Now that's a great way to fight the Wednesday Hump Day blues!!

In addition, we have to recognize and thank the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association (FBPA) that worked diligently to put Frenchtown's Restaurant Week on the map. This was an example of a town coming together and honoring what each restaurant contributes, because as a community, we stand strong together. If you walk along the streets of downtown Frenchtown, you'll see how we're growing, from businesses relocating to other parts of the town bringing new energy to the new location, to new businesses working to open their doors in time for the busier spring and summer seasons. We can't wait!

Please continue to send us your comments via email or on this blog. To all who observe, we wish you a very Happy Easter and Chag Sameach. We look forward to seeing you soon at The National Hotel. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

2nd Annual Valentine's Day Essay Contest

It's such a difficult thing to have to choose just 3 winners from all of the submissions we received at The National Hotel this year, and yet, we made a commitment to our participants and we are sticking with it.  So tonight, we announce that we have our top 3 writers who have shared stories from the heart.  They are meaningful, they are truthful, and they help de-commercialize this annual celebration of love and family.

Our winners are Skye, Ann, and Lauren.  We cannot thank them enough, and all our other participants, for taking the time to put pen to paper and share their stories.  Pete and I don't need to write another word on this month's blog, because their words say it all:

  • Skye (Frenchtown, NJ):  

"My mom married at 18 in the middle of World War II. They rushed, before my dad who joined the Army Air Corps before Pearl Harbor, was shipped out again. After the wedding, my dad had to take a troop train to Florida and snuck my mom on board. Two weeks later he was overseas and didn't see my mom again until she was 20. He always joked he heard the first year of marriage was the hardest so he thought he'd stay away.

"Five years ago last November, my parents were moving to Frenchtown ahead of the movers so they became the second guests at the D’Costa’s newly renovated National Hotel. Almost exactly three years later, they drove to a routine appointment in Flemington. They sat down side by side in the outer waiting room and he, as usual, dropped his head and fell asleep. My mom watched the clock and nudged him when it was time. There was no response. She rushed into the cardiologist’s office and they all came running, working on him for an hour, but he never woke up. He was 94. My mom was 87. That day was the first in 68 years that she was alone.

"A year and a half later, at lunch at Homestead General Store, Bucks County, PA, we spotted a very tall man wearing an Air Force Veteran baseball cap across the room. My mom bumped into him at the lottery machine and asked about his cap. Soon the conversation got to their both being widowed. A few days later they got together and I don't think there’s been a day since that they haven't been.

"John, a former bomber pilot and 35-year airline pilot, is two years younger than my mom who delights in calling herself a cougar. They hold hands, she rides in his pickup, he calls her last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and when it snows, he stays over.

"Their most meaningful romantic moment is a daily occurrence because they don’t take any for granted. Even more special is the joy they bring to everyone else, the smiles as “the lovebirds” walk through town. The fact an almost ninety-year-old woman and eighty eight year old man can serendipitously find each other is the very symbol of love – and that it’s never too late to find it."

  • Ann (Bucks County, PA):

"This year George and I will be sharing our 22nd Valentine’s Day together.  Sometimes I think it is a miracle we met at all.  He lived in Pennsylvania and I lived in NJ.   We met in March 1993 thanks to a winter storm with a foot of snow that forced the rescheduling of many St. Patrick’s Day Parties including the one we both ended up attending the following weekend.  The delay of the festivities meant that I was now free to drive across the Delaware River and attend the party I would have missed.  That night I met the kind, handsome man I would someday marry.  I’m still amazed that this wonderful person I admired from the other side of the room chose me.   

"Our first date was a disaster.   Open mic night at John and Peter’s in New Hope where a friend of his hogged the conversation.  George was never going to call again but when he dropped me off I, accidently and unknowingly (I swear), left my wallet in his car.  He HAD to call me the next day and we decided to try again.  Despite me leaving on two long trips and moving back in with my parents, we made it out on a real dinner date where I impressed him by not only eating my own dinner but some of his as well.  Surprisingly, he asked me out again. 

"We were engaged in December 1994.  His family lived in Pennsylvania and mine in NJ so we had to find an in-between place to first have our parents meet and eventually to be married.    We treated our parents to dinner in Lambertville at a place which was probably the fanciest restaurant I had ever been in.   Ever since then, I love to go walk along the Delaware and stop for drinks and dessert.  We were married at St. John’s in Lambertville with a reception at Peddler’s Village.   Now, 20 years later, we live in Bucks County.  This past Mother’s Day my husband and kids told me they would do anything I wanted.  My choice was Frenchtown and we spent a beautiful spring day walking around the shops.  Even though there were six of us, it was memorable and romantic.   Choosing to spending time with someone you love is romantic even if you are not alone and when you have four kids you never seem to be alone."
  • Lauren (Phillipsburg, NJ):
"My name is Lauren , this is just one of those moments that made me realize how lucky and in love I am with my husband.  Back in 2009, last week of September my husband and I had an argument over god knows what. His way of fixing it, a delivery of flowers my way was a card, a greeting card.  About a week later, I found out I was pregnant so I was so excited and couldn't figure out how to tell him. Our thing has always been cards, greeting cards for everything. I found the perfect card, it stated how he didn't have to be nervous I knew he would be a great father even if he couldn't get the crib together on his first try. He would have Nine months to figure it out. Well I had to run out and FORGOT the card on the kitchen table, he got home and saw it was for him. Assuming he was in trouble for something else he hesitated to open it, but did. Unfortunately I was not there to see his reaction. When I returned he was just standing in the kitchen so excited smile ear to ear and then he tried to ask me a question but just started to cry and held up the card. Eventually got the word "really" out. I nodded yes."

To all of our contestants, THANK YOU!! You made this day truly special for all of us.  Pete and I hope that you will continue to participate in this annual contest, and continue to enjoy our beautiful little corner of the world.  There just isn't anywhere else we'd rather be.  

I'd like to close with a simple reminder about our annual "cleansing," when we close The National Hotel for a week (Monday, February 16 - Monday, February 23, reopening on Tuesday the 24th), in order to necessary maintenance work that will sustain this historic establishment for the rest of the year.  We hope that you understand, and that you will return on 24th and thereafter to continue to make memories in Frenchtown.  

Please continue to send us your comments via email or on this blog.  Happy Valentine's Day weekend!!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015


The New Year arrived with new convictions and an invigorated spirit. This year marks the 165th anniversary since The National Hotel broke ground and transformed itself from a 'Rooms for Rent' small inn, the Sign of the Dove (built by blacksmith Samuel Powers), to the beautiful edifice that still makes Frenchtown proud.  165 YEARS!  Now that's a celebration woth having!!  Check back monthly to see what we have in store for you to commemorate this special day.

2015 brings new updates too, like our newly revamped homepage based on feedback from friends like you.  It's a "work-in-progress," b/c we're updating the photos and improving the interactivity.  It's pretty neat to be able to upload new content and new special offers right onto the homepage, so we look forward to announcing when it's fully operational.  We're also excited to do some maintenance and sprucing up of The National Hotel the week of February 16th.  Although that means we'll be closed on February 16th for the week and reopen on Monday the 23rd, it is our annual commitment to the very community we serve.  It provides us with the opportunity to refurbish, paint, and do the necessary touch-ups that sustain us for the entire year.

This "cleansing" of The National Hotel's heart and soul will follow on the heels of our annual Valentine's Day celebration, from a special menu to a Lovers' Essay contest.  Just like last year, the contest is open to Hunterdon and Bucks County area residents with the #1 prize being a complimentary overnight stay at The National Hotel.  The rules are very simple:
  • Submit your story--at least 250 words, no more than 400 words via email
  • Story/essay must be about you and your loved one, sharing your most romantic moment as it relates to Frenchtown, or any of the surrounding Hunterdon County, NJ or Buck's County, PA areas
Three prizes will be awarded: 
  1. One overnight stay at The National Hotel for two
  2. Dinner for two in The National Hotel’s Restaurant and Bar
  3. Dessert and after-dinner drinks for two in The National Hotel’s Restaurant and Bar
Last year's entries had such beautiful stories, we wish we could have featured all of them.  So, if you weren't a finalist, or simply forgot to submit your essay, please send it in now.  Check our facebook page for more information and for the announcement of the winning essay.  Best of luck to all of you who might participate!


Don't forget to plan your Valentine's Day with us, and make your reservation early.  We're finishing up our special Valentine's Day menu with you in mind--check back this week on our webpage.  Stay up to date by liking us on facebook, regarding Valentine's Day and also our upcoming music programming (and other special weekly events), so you don't miss anything.  Here's just a glimpse:

Join us every week for these special programs. There's just never a dull night at The National Hotel!

I can say this with complete confidence, because many of these programs are in place because of friends like YOU, friends who have taken the time and interest to work on the programs, create the content, and implement their vision.  Pete and I are so grateful to all of you for your support.  We hope that 2015 is already off to a great start for you, and we look forward to chatting more with you in person, via email, or through the comments you leave on this blog.  Here's to a great year together!!

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