Sunday, August 30, 2009


John Stringfellow, owner, editor and photographer of* and also of, was kind enough to email us this historic photo along with an earlier one I posted a few days ago. Isn't it a beautiful building? Look at the old bridge and the majesty of it all.

Nancy Blackwell, who owned The National Hotel for numerous years also dropped by last week to show us other photos--and even the original newspaper clipping of the truck that went right through its front doors! I have to scan these documents to be able to share them with you. There are some beautiful photographs, old menus, brochures, etc., that Nan was able to bring in. We are just so grateful!

But there's more...we have been informed--and have verified it through concierge desk log books, that there apparently is a friendly ghost residing in one of the 3rd floor rooms. The entries in the logs indicate that guests have come down to report that there is an older lady in a nightgown who asks questions about technology and the use of new gadgets in the room. She is reportedly non-threatening; just inquisitive, with statements such as "How does this telephone work?" and "What does that thing do?" referring to the television. Hmmm....

There are many stories yet to uncover, but for now, this latest one has captured the imagination of our daughters. Our oldest turns 12 in November and she is excitedly planning an overnight birthday celebration in that room. She has now spent numerous hours on the 3rd floor, in anticipation of running into this great lady of a ghost. Our youngest is equally excited, but has decided to make other plans for her upcoming birthday this week.

Happy Birthday Laina!!!


  1. What date do you anticipate opening? I was hoping for a third floor Halloween reservation.

  2. As per National Hotel (New Jersey) statement given by November 07, 2009:

    "Three days after we opened our doors, we are still pinching ourselves. Friday night was a fantastic night--I don't even know what time we put our heads down, but it was well past 2:00 a.m.--full of stories, and memories recounted; it's a night that Pete and I will remember for a long time"

    By the way belated Happy Birth Day to Laina..!!

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