Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking possession of The National Hotel

Just a little over a year ago, my husband, Pete D'Costa, and I were driving into Frenchtown, NJ to go for a run on the walking path along the Delaware River, when we passed by The National Hotel boarded up and closed down. We were shocked. Such a beautiful & historic building, where we'd gone for Easter brunch just the prior year, completely shuttered. Pete said, "I'd love to own that building & truly give this town a business that will help reinvigorate it, and provide us with our next challenge." A year later, on July 31st, we took possession of it.

From the moment we set eyes on The National Hotel, months passed and Pete & I found ourselves continuing to talk about this old hotel & restaurant/bar, which was still shuttered. We couldn't believe how it was possible, since it's the 1st building you see as you enter Frenchtown from Route 12. We let it go thinking to ourselves that our plate was full & it wasn't the right time, given the economy, to undertake such a project. But in the fall of 2008, we made our first call to the real estate broker listed for The National Hotel, to inquire about the property. We can't wait to start working on resuscitating this great property and bringing it back to its splendor, helping it be the hidden gem in this great town of Frenchtown, NJ.

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