Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long day, but well worth it. Spent the day at The National Hotel with Pete and we truly feel like we're making progress. Several people from Frenchtown stopped by to say "hello" and to congratulate us on this big purchase. They can't wait for it to be open...and neither can we.

It seems like yesterday came and went, but truly, we will never forget it. We loved the way the whole town got involved, and how they brought their families--kids of all ages helped us take the wooden boards off the facade of the building. We hope this will be an inter-generational experience for us and for our Frenchtown family.

Funny thing is that no matter how many hours we put in working at The National Hotel, it doesn't really feel like work, because we're so excited about this. We're absolutely in love with the building, its history, the Frenchtown community and the area itself. What's not to love?!

Our oldest daughter, Shiara, took some nifty videos of the removal of the wooden boards yesterday, and maybe that's why she's hardly in any of the photos...she needed a press pass! Check this out:

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