Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's finally

The National Hotel is no longer shuttered. Now the light can stream in, the clean-up crew
can make real progress
& the renovations can truly take hold. Amazing what a little
sunshine can do! It was a
glorious day, full of laughter, ceremony and SWEAT...not easy removing the wooden boards...but everyone got in on the action!

Overall, having our daughters join us and be a part of this
challenging and exciting family project, helps us feel that all
the sacrifices made are worth it. Shiara and Laina are enjoying all the excitement; these 2 girls just take it all in stride.
We're truly blessed.
We met so many wonderful people at this "event." From George and Anne who said they had to stop by, because they met at The National Hotel's restaurant a few years ago,

to Joyce Anne who stayed at the hotel on two previous visits to Frenchtown and looks forward to the opening next month.

And, we even met Daryll and Melissa Seip, whose parents (Daryll's) owned The National
Hotel from 1933 to 1977/8. Oh, the stories they shared!!! What a fun day.
We are so grateful that our our real estate agent, Steve Darlington from Prudential Fox and Roach, and our contractor, Dan Maltby from Maltby Construction, and our friend and attorney, Joseph Mulherin, Esq., joined us and helped us remove the wooden boards, drills in hand! Way to go team!!!

Our friend Carol Luling took lots of photos. We can't wait to see them and share them here.

The day closed w/a literal "bang," as the Frenchtown Police put on a fireworks display this evening that was just spectacular. Great job!!!

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