Thursday, November 3, 2011


As we prepare for tonight's celebration of The National Hotel's 2nd anniversary since it opened its doors in 2009, we couldn't be more pleased than to discover that this day  falls on one of our favorite nights of the week, Thursday Open Mic Night, that always brings us all together in our beloved Rathskeller Pub (a.k.a. the Rat)--and some of our very first patrons entered this historic building through the doors of the Rat!!!  All Open Mic Night performers will be welcomed tonight by Pete, who will buy you a beer.  Check our facebook fanpage for more information later today.

And mark your calendars for the launch of our monthly theme nights, Saturday, November 12th, 9:30 p.m. onward,  featuring Mike Peiffer with an all 60s music performance.  Prizes will be given out, including BEST 60s COSTUME.  Come with 60s music requests for Mike, bring some friends and stay a while.  And if you're done with costumers after this Halloween, just come as you are and have a great night at the Rat.  We'll post updates on our facebook page as we get closer to November 12th, or our Rathskeller page on our website for more information on this or other upcoming events (such as November 19th's music program featuring the Road to Ruin, and December's theme).

There's just so much that is on the horizon at The National Hotel, but we're still getting over October.  It's been a whirlwind!  Between the events planned during the entire month by the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association (FBPA), featuring extended shopping hours, in-store events, raffles, and our very own 2nd annual Halloween costume and music party at the Rat, it's been a month-long celebration of this beautiful time of year.

[photos courtesy of Tina Perrotta]

And yet, I temper that with the knowledge that there are so many of our Frenchtown and area neighbors who are still without electricity, all caused by Saturday's storm.  It was a storm that almost forced us to close down, because the roads were just too dangerous to traverse.  It was our loyal patrons who insisted that we stay open to help everyone forget about the elements outside while they celebrated and danced throughout the night, giving a warm welcome to one of our favorite bands, Rainbow Fresh, and what a night it was!  People stayed until closing time, prizes were given out for best costume, and many patrons offered to shelter those around them who were still without power.

We saw this again just two nights ago at The National Hotel, as Russ Coen and our General Manager, Marlon Aranha, hosted the 25th night of our bi-weekly Tuesday Trivia.  It was a night that allowed everyone to forget the daily grind, challenge themselves, and have an absolute blast.  As one of our participants shared that night, "This has to be the best way to deal with what the storm left for me in my yard and at home. It's a little getaway for the mind."  Call us at 908.996.3200 for more information on the next installment--it's totally open to the public, come by yourself or with friends, join a group, or create your own team.  You're sure to have fun.

Hopefully, these types of programs will allow our patrons to have the opportunity to have a night out--a distraction even, from everything they're facing--that can re-energize their spirits.  It's certainly been a tricky few days with local schools only reopening yesterday.  And many children were not picked up by the school buses, because of fallen trees or roads that are still difficult for a bus to navigate.  But the resilient spirit of our residents continues to shape the character of these children, as friend and neighbor goes out of his/her way to help one another.  Through this trying ordeal, the humanity of our community is truly evident and inspiring.  Thank you to all of you who have checked-in on us and continue to make us feel a part of your lives and of the community.

As you plan ahead for the month of November, please remember that although the hotel is open for overnight accommodations, the Restaurant & Bar and the Rat are closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Do continue to email us your comments and feedback...they are truly helpful...or just leave a comment on this page.  Stay up-to-date with everything being planned, by:

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