Saturday, August 8, 2009

We have our logo! And, we're just hours away now from pulling off those awful wooden boards from the front of The National Hotel. When we were working there yesterday, we had several people stop by and just say "hi." One individual said, "Tomorrow, right? These [boards] come off for good, right? I'll be here to see it!" I know it seems like "such a big deal" out of perhaps a seemingly simple act, but to those who know Frenchtown, and who have lived with The National Hotel being boarded up for over a year, this truly is A BIG DEAL.

The townspeople have been so kind and so encouraging, that every step we take, from weeding to parking our work trucks in the back, has been met with a hearty cheer. Pete and I are just floored by the warmth the Frenchtown community has shared with us.

Our vision is to make The National Hotel a place where our Frenchtown neighbors, Hunterdon County and Bucks County residents, as well as out-of-state guests, can come and enjoy a good and well-priced meal, complemented by signature drinks and a comfortable atmosphere. And the hotel is just beautiful...I'll take pictures when we're done renovating. Once the wooden boards are off, we can truly start working towards making our vision a reality. We can't wait to open our doors and share the excitement and joy we feel with the rest of our community!

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