Saturday, January 31, 2015


The New Year arrived with new convictions and an invigorated spirit. This year marks the 165th anniversary since The National Hotel broke ground and transformed itself from a 'Rooms for Rent' small inn, the Sign of the Dove (built by blacksmith Samuel Powers), to the beautiful edifice that still makes Frenchtown proud.  165 YEARS!  Now that's a celebration woth having!!  Check back monthly to see what we have in store for you to commemorate this special day.

2015 brings new updates too, like our newly revamped homepage based on feedback from friends like you.  It's a "work-in-progress," b/c we're updating the photos and improving the interactivity.  It's pretty neat to be able to upload new content and new special offers right onto the homepage, so we look forward to announcing when it's fully operational.  We're also excited to do some maintenance and sprucing up of The National Hotel the week of February 16th.  Although that means we'll be closed on February 16th for the week and reopen on Monday the 23rd, it is our annual commitment to the very community we serve.  It provides us with the opportunity to refurbish, paint, and do the necessary touch-ups that sustain us for the entire year.

This "cleansing" of The National Hotel's heart and soul will follow on the heels of our annual Valentine's Day celebration, from a special menu to a Lovers' Essay contest.  Just like last year, the contest is open to Hunterdon and Bucks County area residents with the #1 prize being a complimentary overnight stay at The National Hotel.  The rules are very simple:
  • Submit your story--at least 250 words, no more than 400 words via email
  • Story/essay must be about you and your loved one, sharing your most romantic moment as it relates to Frenchtown, or any of the surrounding Hunterdon County, NJ or Buck's County, PA areas
Three prizes will be awarded: 
  1. One overnight stay at The National Hotel for two
  2. Dinner for two in The National Hotel’s Restaurant and Bar
  3. Dessert and after-dinner drinks for two in The National Hotel’s Restaurant and Bar
Last year's entries had such beautiful stories, we wish we could have featured all of them.  So, if you weren't a finalist, or simply forgot to submit your essay, please send it in now.  Check our facebook page for more information and for the announcement of the winning essay.  Best of luck to all of you who might participate!


Don't forget to plan your Valentine's Day with us, and make your reservation early.  We're finishing up our special Valentine's Day menu with you in mind--check back this week on our webpage.  Stay up to date by liking us on facebook, regarding Valentine's Day and also our upcoming music programming (and other special weekly events), so you don't miss anything.  Here's just a glimpse:

Join us every week for these special programs. There's just never a dull night at The National Hotel!

I can say this with complete confidence, because many of these programs are in place because of friends like YOU, friends who have taken the time and interest to work on the programs, create the content, and implement their vision.  Pete and I are so grateful to all of you for your support.  We hope that 2015 is already off to a great start for you, and we look forward to chatting more with you in person, via email, or through the comments you leave on this blog.  Here's to a great year together!!

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