Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's coming along! We thought we might have to open this as a Phase 2 of our project, but with everyone pitching in and helping day in and day out, we can really see progress.

Kristine Gryl Marinelli is beyond amazingly talented. She helped us make decisions on color themes, came and checked when the base coats were done, and then upon inspection, felt it needed just that little "something" else. She has young kids--both with super-active and organized after-school activities--and assists her husband in his business ventures, always dedicating herself to the interior design and upgrade of whatever project he takes on, and still, she has managed to carve out time to help us with The National Hotel.

Paint supplies in hand, she came by herself, took sea sponges to task, and transformed the walls of the Rathskeller. Progress is a good thing!

This is a photo given to us by Nancy Blackwell, a previous owner of The National Hotel in the 1980's.

The stained glass windows behind the bar look fantastic with subtle light bringing out the details of the glasswork. I'll have to take a photo of that and post it next time. In the meantime, we found out who painted the mural in the Rathskeller: Mel Allen.

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