Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Truly, we have been lucky with every move we've made from Day 1 of making the conscious decision to become the new owners of The National Hotel. From developing new friendships along the way these last few months to cementing the bond that already existed with other friends--it's friends and good neighbors that can make or break you (so cliché, but so true). And with the help of friends such as Kristine and Vito Marinelli, John and Leslie Pettenati, Heather and Ed Wolven, Carol and Mike Luling, Laura and Nick Gurreri, and let's not forget Patricia and Kingsley Hill...oh the list is long...stay tuned for more...our days are filled with challenges and hurdles that are diminished by the constant support, help, assistance, and encouragement of our friends.

Our latest challenges have been on the technology front, and fortunately, Kingsley Hill is a recognized authority in this area. What a relief!!!

Between Carol Luling taking some pretty terrific photos of The National Hotel when we took the boards off the facade of the building, and later on introducing us to one of the previous owners whose family resided there from the 1930s to the 1970s, to Mary Nasta helping us take our daughters to horseback riding lessons with her daughter, Maddie, so that we don't have to penalize our daughters because we're working non-stop on the business, we are the most fortunate people on this planet. Like Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer sang in The Sound of Music, "I must have done something good..."

Every day brings a new challenge, and yet, there isn't a night that I turn off the lights that I don't count my blessings. Each day I find yet another person who has gone out of his/her way to help us. Yesterday, Rocky, from Kathee's General Store in Frenchtown, brought Pete and Marlon some homemade Indian delicacies...can you just imagine how wonderful and exquisite it was for them? Just think about the time it takes to prepare a labor-intensive Indian meal, and then to have it hand-delivered to your door, just because he "knew you'd still be there working late." Absolutely amazing!

Saying "thank you" to all our beautiful friends seems so insignificant compared to everything they do for us. Can anyone help me to find different ways of expressing our gratitude? I welcome your feedback. Please comment if you have any thoughts to share.

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