Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In just these last few days that have passed, we finished painting the dining room, the hotel entrance, hallways, etc. We're still working on the Rathskeller, but it's definitely coming along. Our daughters are constantly on the 3rd floor, trying to see if they'll get a glimpse of the friendly spirit that apparently resides there; no fear, just curiousity and the desire to "help answer her questions to give her peace," according to our oldest daughter, Shiara.

Kristine Gryl Marinelli was back yesterday and she spent the afternoon shopping for plants, gardening material, flower beds...we love what she's done already and she's coming back again today!

These photos were taken in the middle of the night when we were closing up and getting ready to go home, so I can only imagine how different things will look in the daylight--and once the planting is complete. It really is all in the details. Sometimes the little things make all the difference in completing the feel, the tone, the image that you want to communicate. And the exterior facade of the building will set the tone for the business. We hope it will be inviting, welcoming and warm.

On to the next day!

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