Thursday, December 30, 2010


We are so fortunate to be able to close out the very first decade of this new millenium by celebrating in style!  A dance party no less!!!  Well, why not?!  There are so many wonderful things happening at The National Hotel--and most of them thanks to our loyal patrons--that Pete and I are just bursting at the seams with pride at being able to have this wonderful connection with our community.  From our weekly Wednesday, By The Fireplace singer/songwriter series, to our Thursday Open Mic Night, to our monthly 3rd Sunday People's Poetry, to our Saturday Night Live Music sessions, and our weekly Sunday Musical Afternoon series...oh, but wait...there's more:  We just launched our Tuesday Trivia Night!!!  And what a success that was!  Thanks to our General Manager, Marlon Aranha, and our dedicated patron, Russ Coen, we are now, THE place to be on Tuesday night. 

[Marlon Aranha]

It was a wonderful way to close out this last week in 2010, inviting everyone present to put their thinking caps on and participate in this fantastic night.  That along with tonight's Open Mic Night (now in session!!), and tomorrow night's dance party with DJ Mr. Wil, are sure to make us all look forward to an even better 2011.

If ever there was a need to say thank you, it is right now.  Pete and I have definitely put our hearts and souls ( trite...but it's absolutely true) into The National Hotel.  But so has this grand old building reciprocated a thousand times over.  There isn't a day that Pete doesn't come home after closing up, that he doesn't share stories about our patrons--from jokes they tell, to the history they share, to the fun they have.  And there hasn't been a moment when I have been there, that I don't encounter someone who brightens my day with conversation, moments shared, memories recalled.

Our daughters are blessed to also be a part of this establishment, as everything that we build will eventually be theirs.  And they LOVE being there.  It's such a joy to see them interact with our staff, kid around, feel at home, and all the while still understand that it's the customers who are at the center of this business.  Our girls come with us shopping for the best quality ingredients, listen to our conversations and planning of future events, and have participated in creating a kids' menu that's sure to please...actually...truth be told, they created the menu.  The credit goes to them.

And our other "grown-up" menu, has surpassed all of our expectations, thanks to our executive chef, Lisa Frederick, who took the reins several months ago, and has not disappointed.  In fact, she has brought her love of exotic cuisines and seasonings to complement our vision of a Restaurant that incorporates Pete's Indian background and my Chilean and Spanish heritage.  The dishes that come out of our kitchen are exceptional!  OK, I know this is a subjective comment, but we've had sooooo many hotel and dinner guests tell us how much they've enjoyed their meal, that I am confident in sharing this comment as an "objective" viewpoint.  I hope that when you visit us next, you too will walk away with this same feeling.  Be sure to say "hi" to Lisa when you are there, as she is the most gracious chef I've ever had the pleasure with whom to work.

And it's not just Lisa.  Let's not forget Kasey Goyette, our lead bartender, who without fail, produces the most incredible drinks, pairs wines for our dining guests who would like to have a professional's opinion on what wine will best bring out the flavors of their dining choices, and who livens up our Bar area with wonderful and engaging conversation, all the while keeping her eye on what her regular customers like to drink.  She is a consummate professional and we are so pleased to count her as part of our family.

But many of our guests who dine upstairs finish their evenings at The National Hotel's Rathskeller Pub downstairs, affectionately known as The Rat.  And that experience would not be complete without a drink served by Donna Jane Sampler.  She truly has become someone on whom we rely, and who consistently provides our patrons with a comfortable atmosphere where they can not only get the drink of their choice, but also close out the night with a friendly face and a conversationalist that keeps them coming back.  Yay Donna!

And like Donna, Kasey, and Lisa, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who work for The National Hotel and who come in with smiles, with a positive attitude, ready to serve, ready to provide the patrons with their very best service, and ready and committed to make tonight the best night ever.  You can always find information about us by posting a comment on this blogpost, following us on Twitter, friending (is that a real word???) us on facebook, subscribing to our YouTube channel, or emailing us directly at  Thank you once again for your support and the wonderful embrace you have given us since the very day we were given the keys to The National Hotel.

So to you, your families, and your friends, Pete and I want to wish you the very best New Year's ever.  May 2011 grant you much happiness, health, and continued success in all your endeavors.  Happy, Happy New Year!!!!


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