Saturday, May 8, 2010


OK. Breakfast set-up, hot scones, croissants, muffins and biscuits, coffee, tea, juice...check...double checked...finished. Overnight guests are coming downstairs to our private breakfast area to enjoy some yummy treats.

Now, gotta run and move to the next big thing this weekend. I'm just about getting ready to leave The National Hotel to go set up a stand down the road where we'll be participating in today's Classic Bikes and Bluegrass Festival that Art of the Bike has brought to Frenchtown today. It's going to be an exciting day, even though, as I look at our huge windows, I can see that it is overcast and has started to rain. Need to check the weather report...again...

I'm back! Looks like it's a quick moving storm, so it should be out of our area (I hope!!) by noon. Even if it still drizzles a little, it's not going to dampen our spirits, what with the beautiful classic bikes that are going to be gracing our little Delaware River community. And music! Let's not forget about the music. There'll be musicians throughout the town, lifting everyone's spirits, and putting us all in the right frame of mind.

The National Hotel will have some musicians playing from our porch, welcoming all new and old visitors, neighbors, and tourists alike to Frenchtown. Situated at the crossroads of County Rt. 513, Rt. 29, and the terminus of Rt. 12, The National Hotel is often the first "main" building they see entering (or leaving) the town.

And then there's tomorrow, of course! Mother's Day. What a great way to celebrate, thank, and honor this important person in your life. I am of course biased, owning The National Hotel with my husband, Pete, and I am happy that so many people have already chosen to make reservations for lunch and dinner tomorrow. But the beauty about Frenchtown, is its diversity, the fine shops, galleries, and eateries that you'll find around town.

Definitely make a point of coming out today...hey, it's already brighter outside. I think the sun is trying to make a comeback. Do come out and spend a glorious afternoon with us in Frenchtown. Take a stroll down Race Street, around "the bend" and visit all the great vendors on this street and on Bridge Street. And don't forget to go down the other side streets; you've got Harrison Street and Trenton Avenue (also called Rt. 29) too, where you'll find shops such as Beasley's Bookbindery and Two Buttons. Great places to visit. Great time to take it slow, enjoy and immerse yourself in the beauty of Frenchtown.

And always feel free to email me at with your comments, or just post it here. Hope to see you around town!


  1. 你所貫徹的形象,你喜愛它有多少百分比,你就幸福多少百分比..............................

  2. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德..................................................

  3. I cannot thank you enough for your words of wisdom, that truly encapsulate our love of The National Hotel. Thank you again.