Wednesday, February 10, 2010


What's a little snow? Except today's storm was a big one! It's still coming down, but Pete & Marlon are holding down the fort. Our Bar is open and we've had loads of friends stopping by to warm up, share some stories, and then brave the elements outside once again.

When I look out my window, I can see the wind blowing the snow, twisting and shifting before it has a chance to hit the ground. It's an amazing sight, beautiful to see from inside, and amazing to experience outside, walking & touching the fluffy white substance. My girls and I enjoyed ourselves outside after I was done with work, and even our dog, Pep, got into the action, chasing some snowballs Shiara would throw, only to discover (again and again) that the "ball" had somehow disappeared into the blanketed ground. He didn't stop playing though, until she stopped throwing them.

Driving is another story though. But that's the beauty of Frenchtown, where our neighbors can simply walk over to say "hi," hang out a little bit, meet other friends, and then make their way home on foot. And that's also the beauty of being part of the Delaware River towns, because so many people find it easily accessible to have a short drive from one point or another to The National Hotel in Frenchtown. With the building being at the terminus of Route 12, intersecting with County Route 513, and the start of Route 29, it definitely feels as though we are often at the crossroads of many people's lives.

But be careful out there if you are going to be heading out now; some of the tertiary roads are not yet plowed and it's a bit hazardous. We had a wonderful friend of The National Hotel, who is also an active participant in our Thursday Open Mike Nights at The Rathskeller Pub Lounge, take some beautiful photos (including the ones posted at the top of this blog post), as well as others on her fb page. Really beautiful shots.

The weather reports keep detailing the amount of snow that is yet to fall through the rest of the night. Good thing The National Hotel is a true hotel/B&B, because if Pete can't get home tonight, he has a few guest suites from which to choose right there above the Restaurant & Bar. Better safe than...well, you know the rest.


  1. Hi Marie, thanks for posting my snow photos of Frenchtown. You can put my name in instead of having me the mysterious friend and photographer. (Especially now that it's looking more like spring everyday.) Best, Skye

  2. In case anyone didn't see it, Skye Van Saun is the wonderful & talented photographer who took these beautiful photos. Not only is she a talented poet, writer, editor, and photographer, she is also an accomplished gardener I've learned. Now that spring is in full swing, I can't wait to walk by her home to get a little glimpse of the product of her labor. These beautiful gifts from nature have to be attended, nurtured, and encouraged to blossom, outsmarting the weeds and the fickle temperatures. Thanks, Skye for making our lives richer every day!

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