Monday, October 26, 2009


Another day, another story. But this one is not a story about being brought down by the day's workload or about having a bad day at work. It's a typical day at The National Hotel. Often, it starts after we wind down for dinner.

I had just finished putting my girls to bed a little bit ago, and as I went through my emails, pending files, and numerous lists of "things-to-do," I came across an email that made me realize that I had to stop and blog.

It was a long Monday. Really. Pete worked tirelessly to get the building looking its best today.

We ripped up the carpeting on the stairs and put down new carpeting--check out the pumpkin pine floors and the beautiful new carpeting we put down, matching the building's overall theme--

finished some last-minute touches, had the rooms cleaned (again),
and so on and so on...

Then I got an email from a musician who is interested in showcasing his work on our premises--thanks to the email he received from a friend who had stopped by The National Hotel over the weekend, and to whom I had had the pleasure of showing the property. She said to me that she would spread the word and keep our name out in the artist community in case anyone was interested in performing here, but the truth is, that so many people are well-intentioned, but short on time (come on now, you know you've run out of time at least once to respond to an email or a request for information in a timely manner...), and I only met her and her companion on this one occasion, that I am just floored, just absolutely amazed at how many genuine, wonderful, and helpful people I've met since Pete and I purchased The National Hotel. I keep using the word "amazing," but truly, I'm running out of adjectives to describe the awe I feel each night I put my head down on my pillow.

Thank you to my old friends, and thank you to all my new friends. You are AMAZING!

If you happen to know anyone who is interested in performing here, or are yourself an artist, please comment here so that I may reach out to you in the near future. Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi there!

    I am a musician and would love to perform in your beautiful hotel! Please feel free to contact me at

    Sandy Zio

  2. Hi Marie... I was the musician that initially contacted you folks through Alana + Stephen, and sent you files and links as well. We would Love to grab a slot to perform in the very near future whether in the bar, or your beautiful dining rooms.. Sandy Zio is excellent!..whether solo or with band..(gee, she could do the bar, we could do the dining rooms!)

  3. Hello Marie!

    Alana Balough contacted me, to tell me of your wonderful renovation of the National Hotel- I'm so thrilled to know that someone has fallen in love with this wonderful place, and it looks like you have the perfect style to make a success of it! I was an innkeeper several years ago and it has always been my dream to run a B&B - second only to my love for singing!

    Alana and Stephen suggested that you are looking for performers for The National and that I should contact you in that regard. I would be happy to send you a few MP3 cuts to give you an idea of my style (they're older tracks, from a cabaret at Odette's in 2002). I'd also be only too happy to meet with you at your convenience! You may reach me at: and/or at: 215-766-9256.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best of luck in this endeavor- Suzan Bartels

  4. Hi Marie,
    After hearing about the wonderful job you are doing on the hotel and of your call for musicians; I attempted to send you information about our band Northbranch. I included a few samples of our music, in now a couple of email messages. Unfortunately it appears hotmail may have a low size limitation for attachments; the first message was not delivered. I reduced the attachments and sent another, I am unsure that delivery was successful either? Please respond here or preferably to my email address below and let me know that you have or have not received my correspondence. I don't want to bother you with redundant copies. I can try another channel of delivery if necessary.

    Thank you, I hope to hear from you,
    Bill 215-322-5788

  5. Marie,

    I am from the community of musicians Alana knows. I am presently a solo entertainer looking forward in the not-too-distant future as a trio. I play American music (music penned by Americans dead and alive).

    215 359 5008



  6. Wow. I can't thank you enough for the information posted. I will share your information w/Pete and our GM, Marlon, and touch base with each of you this week. Thanks so much for letting me know that you are interested. I look forward to going online to visit your websites for those who've sent them & to speaking to each of you later this week. Thanks again!!!

  7. Marie.. sorry, forgot to post my email address!


  8. To those of you who took the time to email me your comments about The National Hotel and possibly being a part of it, please check your email accounts, as I'm reaching out to you individually. Thanks!

  9. Hello, My name is Summer Yates, I represent Neil Podgurski, a jazz musician who recently moved to the area from Philadelphia. Neil and I are both longtime friends of Ian Vos, which is how we learned of your renovating and reopening the National. I hope you are doing well with buissnes, and I wanted to see if you have live music booked or if you are interested in having Neil perform. He is known throughout Philadelphia as a prodigious piano player, who has performing for 19 years in jazz clubs and restaurants up and down the New York-D.C. jazz circuit. If you are interested, we would be happy to stop by the National to talk to you. Below is a link to his music at myspace, I would also be happy to send you a cd of his original music.
    I hope to hear from you soon and good luck during the upcoming holiday rush!!!
    Summer Yates